Inner City Pagan Circle

Schedule of Events



Inner City Pagan Circle

Summer / Fall Schedule


Wednesday July 6, 2005: New Moon in Cancer 8pm/ Jackie

Wednesday July 20, 2005: Full Moon in Capricorn 8pm / Tara

Wednesday August 3, 2005: Class for Lammas 7pm

Sunday August 7, 2005: Lammas Circle & Celebration 8pm

Friday August 19, 2005: Full Moon in Aquarius 8pm / Jimmy

Wednesday September 7, 2005: Class for Mabon 7pm

Wednesday September 21, 2005: Mabon Circle & Celebration 8pm

Wednesday September 28, 2005: Initiation Tara / Jimmy 8pm

Wednesday October 5, 2005: New Moon in Libra 8pm Jimmy & Tara

Wednesday October 19, 2005: moon VC spirit meditation 8pm

Wednesday November 3, 2005: Samhain Circle & Celebration 8pm

Samhain will be The First official Circle of The Class of 2006

Wednesday November 16, 2005: Initiation Jackie 8pm


I Dana Merias your Witch and High Priestess would like to thank all of the students the Gods brought to me. I have made both gains and mistakes, laughed and cried, and above all been blessed by each and every one.

As of October 7th 2005 I place the Inner City Pagan Circle into the capable hand of Tara and Jimmy. It has been a joyous seven years.

Having Croned November 28th 2005 under the hand of Lady June, HPs

I will remain as an elder but will no longer teach “Witchcraft As A

Science And Religion”

As it should, The Craft Doth Grow

Blessed Be...Donna Marie HPs