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Lady Donna Marie HPs

Donna Marie has been studying and practicing psychic arts for over twenty years. She was featured on New England Cable news in 1999 and in The Boston Globe 2002. On Halloween 1998 and 1999
she lead seances for The Learning Adventure in Salem, MA. Donna has worked as a professional
psychic in the Boston area, doing functions and private readings for more than a decade.

She has lectured and presented mediumship at several Spiritualist churches under the loving guidance and direction of the late Reverend Ida Donadio. She has also served on the board of both The Medford Spiritualist Church and The On-I-Set Wigwam Spiritualist Camp. Donna was also invited to give a lecture on reincarnation at Boston University on two occasions, in 2002 and 2004.

Donna is a Wiccan High Priestess and co-founder of the Boston-based Inner City Pagan Circle from 1998 till 2005 as a teacher and elder. She has since passed this honor on to her initiates.

Donna Marie brought Gardenias into existence in 2001 and has recently relocated the shop to Derry, NH.

Donna is available at Gardenias for readings.