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Psychics are very popular and a great addition to events such as job fairs,

employee appreciation days,wedding parties and birthdays.


We have worked a variety of private and corporate events.  You will find our psychics to be professional, entertaining  and reasonably priced.


Gardenias' psychics are willing to work fundraisers for promotional purposes.


We are truly some of New England's finest psychics.


For more information, call 603-425-9134 and ask for Donna.

Donna been studying and practicing psychic art for over twenty years. She has worked as a professional psychic in the Boston area, doing functions and private readings for more than two decades, and has been working in Derry, NH for the past three years.


Donna lectured and presented mediumship at several Spiritualist churches under the loving guidance and direction of the late Reverend Ida Donadio. She served on the board of both The Medford Spiritualist Church and The

On-I-Set Wigwam Spiritualist Camp.


Having been trained and elevated to High Priestess in The Craft, she co-founded the Boston based Inner City Pagan Circle in 1998 and served there as teacher and elder until 2005, when she passed this honor to her initiates.


Donna Marie brought Gardenias to be in 2001 and relocated to Derry NH in December 2005 with Gardenias, where she founded The Gwiddon De Bedwin Stryd. She continues to work and grow Gardenias Book Store ever minding it’s ongoing mission statement.


Donna along with The High Priests of The Inner City Pagan Circle of Boston and The Gwiddon De Bedwin Stryd of Derry NH, launched a new Celtic Tradition Of The Craft, Llwyth Tylluan, Witchcraft As a Transformational Process in October 2008.

Donna Marie Watts

Owner of

Gardenias Bookstore & Learning Center


Donna Marie is available

at Gardenias for readings by appointment during business hours and for walk-in readings Fridays

and Saturdays

Jenne is blonde, blue eyed with an Angelic nature. This fiery Aries is blessed by the spirits who aid and embrace her thru her readings .  A natural clairvoyant Jenne's strength is straight psychic, tarot and tea leaf reading.


Jenne is available at Gardenias on Tuesday and Thursday 11 am-PM for walk in and phone readings.


She is available by advanced appointment on other days during business hours, $40 per half hour

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*Psychic Readings are for entertainment purposes only.

E-mail Gardenias at DMWHP@AOL.COM


Or call 603-425-9134


A natural psychic, Gwen is sensitive to the situations in peoples' lives. This gifted Cancer has aided many along their path. With knowledge in all forms of divination, her preference is Tarot and Tea leaf reading. Her strengths are parenting issues, professional and legal transitions.


A gracious Celtic Lady,  Gwendalen is available at Gardenias on Sundays for walk in and phone readings and evenings during business hours by  advance appointment $40 per half hour.




We currently have an opening for an experienced psychic.


Must be available to work at Gardenias for advance appointments, walk ins and phone readings.