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The Inner City Pagan Circle is a Boston based congregation of pagans who 
practice Witchcraft as a science and Religion.  The group was founded by High 
Priestess Donna Marie on Samhain in 1998 and was named by the students of her 
1998 class.   Joined by High Priest Belanos on Beltane 2001, the ICPC continues 
to grow.


    In 2001, Donna Marie, HPs opened Gardenias Book Store & Learning Center.   
From  2001-2003 the ICPC was open to the public, but due to space limitation we 
have since become a closed group which is open to members only.

    We are primarily a teaching circle, but we do welcome solitaries who are in 
  need of community.  The Inner City Pagan Circle meets for Esbats at a 
  residential location in Jamaica Plain, MA
As of this date there have been fifteen initiated Witches and two High Priests to emerge from The Inner City Pagan Circle. Training interviews open in September and close at Samhain. Membership is open throughout the wheel of the year, but an interview is required. All Sabbat Circles are Celtic-based as this is the tradition of the priests. However, students may call upon any Pantheon that suits their purposes for Esbat Circles For more information please email us.





Schedule of Events 2006

The Inner City Pagan Circle  Schedule

Yule- Beltane

All Circles Begin at 8pm / 7pm arrival


Wednesday, January 25, 2006- Class for Imbolc  (Maeve's Homestead)

Wednesday, February 1, 2006- Imbolc Celebration  (Maeve's Homestead)

Wednesday February 15,2006- Waning Moon Ritual (Seluma's Homestead)

Wednesday March 1, 2006- New Moon Ritual  (Seluma's Homestead)

Wednesday March 15, 2006- Class for Ostara (Maeve's Homestead)

Wednesday March 22, 2006- Ostara Celebration  (Maeve's Homestead)

Wednesday March 29, 2006- New Moon Solar Eclipse (Seluma's Homestead)

Wednesday April 12, 2006- Full Moon Ritual (Seluma's Homestead)

Wednesday April 26, 2006- Class for Beltane & New Moon Ritual (Seluma's 

Wednesday May 3, 2006- Beltane Celebration (Maeve's Homestead)