Gardenias Staff


Tarot Readings


             Tarot Readings

$20.00 for 15 minutes
$40.00 for 30 minutes

Palm & Tarot Readings

$32 for 20 minutes

Tea Leaf & Tarot Readings


$32.00 for 20 minutes

Phone Readings

$32.00 for 15 Minutes
$54.00 for 30 minutes

Mediumship & Past Life

$65.00 by appointment only

Accurate and Clear Readings
with New England's premier psychics

Psychics are very popular and a great addition to events such as job fairs, employee appreciation days, wedding parties and birthdays.

We have worked a variety of private and corporate events. You will find our psychics to be professional, entertaining and reasonably priced.

Gardenias' psychics are willing to work fundraisers for promotional purposes. We are truly some of New England's finest psychics. For more information, call 603-425-9134 and ask for Donna.

You will be pleased with the services we provide in an atmosphere of caring guidance. Phone readings are conducted with the same attention and understanding. We know you will be pleased with our services.

Psychic readings are for entertainment purposes only. Gardenias offers a money back guarantee as we have great faith in what we do.


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