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WitchvoxThe Witches' Voice (AKA WitchVox)
is a proactive educational network providing news, information services and resources for and about
Pagans, Heathens, Witches
and Wiccans worldwide.


Jean Perreault
Stress is a growing problem in our fast paced lives. A weekly yoga class can do WONDERS to help recharge our vital energy! Over time, yoga postures, breathing and yogic philosophy start to penetrate our daily lives and helps create a more peaceful existence.


WintergreenMaria Noel Groves, Clinical Herbalist

An herbal clinic and education center in Allenstown, NH. Maria has been working with herbs for more than a decade and is certified through the Southwest School of Botanical Medicine. Sheteaches people to be healthier and more self-reliant though herbal medicine--it's easier than you think!

Estern MA Pagan PrideEastern Mass Pagan Pride

Part of the global Pagan Pride Project, a non-profit organization dedicated to the elimination of prejudice and religious discrimination through education, activism, charity and community.


NH Pagan Pride